A last minute discounted airfare to Bali - a destination I’ve wanted to visit for years, prompted me to head there. My priorities were to immerse in the culture, food and the massages. I sought out a homestay at the beginning of my trip to give me perspective. A simple Google search led me to a wonderfully unique one in the mountains that went beyond room and board.

I spend four days experiencing day to day family life, traditions and local sights with my host family. The open air style of living transported me to another world. The hub was the historic, cherished rice house where we relaxed, had phenomenal home cooked meals and discussed everything Balinese. On the roof of the hut was reserve seed as a backup for planting.

We trekked through the neighboring rice fields, visited the night market, local sights and made hand crafted offerings of palm, flowers and herbs. Afterwards when I was asked about my path and experiences during my Bali trip, I shared my wonderful homestay experience and how it immersed me in the real Bali.

What are some of the ways you immerse in culture as you travel?